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“Is there nowhere in an American house where one may be by one’s self?”― Edith Wharton, The Age of Innocence


“Is there nowhere in an American house where one may be by one’s self?”
― Edith Wharton,
The Age of Innocence

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why is this so hard

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So, there’s this girl. She’s tragically orphaned and richer than anyone on the planet. Every guy she meets falls in love with her, but in between torrid romances she rejects them all because she dedicated to what is Pure and Good. She has genius level intellect, Olympic-athelete level athletic ability and incredible good looks. She is consumed by terrible angst, but this only makes guys want her more. She has no superhuman abilities, yet she is more competent than her superhuman friends and defeats superhumans with ease. She has unshakably loyal friends and allies, despite the fact she treats them pretty badly. They fear and respect her, and defer to her orders. Everyone is obsessed with her, even her enemies are attracted to her. She can plan ahead for anything and she’s generally right with any conclusion she makes. People who defy her are inevitably wrong.

God, what a Mary Sue.

I just described Batman.


http://adventuresofcomicbookgirl.tumblr.com/post/13913540194/mary-sue-what-are-you-or-why-the-concept-of-sue-is (via twerkinshield)


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"Don’t ever compliment me by insulting other women. That’s not a compliment, it’s a competition none of us agreed to."

"You’re not like other girls." Shut the fuck up. (via cutely-perverted)

People need to stop removing the source: jaythenerdkid (also this is her twitter handle where this quote originally came from

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thank you for taking the time to add credit! I’ve noticed a few people doing the same. it looks like it was cutely-perverted who removed the credit, as I know the person who originally posted the quote included my name.

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"These are forms of male aggression that only women see. But even when men are afforded a front seat to harassment, they don’t always have the correct vantage point for recognizing the subtlety of its operation. Four years before the murders, I was sitting in a bar in Washington, D.C. with a male friend. Another young woman was alone at the bar when an older man scooted next to her. He was aggressive, wasted, and sitting too close, but she smiled curtly at his ramblings and laughed softly at his jokes as she patiently downed her drink. ‘Why is she humoring him?’ my friend asked me. ‘You would never do that.’ I was too embarrassed to say: ‘Because he looks scary’ and ‘I do it all the time.’

Women who have experienced this can recognize that placating these men is a rational choice, a form of self-defense to protect against setting off an aggressor. But to male bystanders, it often looks like a warm welcome, and that helps to shift blame in the public eye from the harasser and onto his target, who’s failed to respond with the type of masculine bravado that men more easily recognize."

Why it’s so hard for men to see misogyny (via ethiopienne)

I feel this. I once described an encounter I had on my way to have coffee with a friend. A man followed me for three to four blocks mid day even though I had politely tried to get him to leave me alone a number of times. He was going to harass me on the bus and I got off the bus early. He got off and waited at the corner til I passed him and followed me even though I said, “I’m meeting a friend and I’m a little late!” and “It’s just down this way, I really must be going” and “It’s really not necessary to walk me there”. I was told that I should have told this tall, sort of muscular, very “assertive” guy to leave me the hell alone and go fuck himself. And frankly I can see how that would have gone: he still would have followed me, except instead of being amicable he would become hostile. Instead of some guy trying to hit on me and make himself look like a big shot, he would follow me telling me all the things that are wrong with my attitude or how I was discriminating against him or something like that.

Most male friends don’t understand the sort of damage control that goes into just having an unwarranted conversation with a stranger. When you’re in a situation where there’s no escape - you can’t just run into your house or hop in a car or hop off the bus - you try to do the best you can knowing that yelling at them or calling out their bullshit will not automatically make them go away. People say “it’s worth a try” but they don’t understand what risks that attempt comes at. I won’t risk my life just so some onlookers can say that I wasn’t “asking for it”.

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Michigan State Fair ad, 1967


The official poster for the 1967 Michigan State Fair is a slice of heaven — like the Schoolhouse Rock kids have gone to the carny for the day.

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Immaculate Conception

Immaculate Conception

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like when beyonce said “i woke up this way: flawless” she’s saying that flawless is not dependent on how she looks at a given moment; by dent of being alive, just by being authentic to herself, she’s flawless. 

not “i woke up with this hair laid and makeup did and decked out clothes”. which is how everyone else apparently interpreted it.